Travel-sized Hair Care

Picture-210If you haven’t tried Moroccan Oil on your hair, you need to get to a salon fast and pick some up! A hairdresser’s secret weapon, Moroccan Oil transforms dry, dull lock into shiny, smooth hair that glistens. Goodbye frizz! Goodbye split ends! Just a tiny amount in damp hair seals the strand and leaves hair looking healthier. It seriously helps us get through those busy times when we can’t get in for a trim. And it’s a must in our travel beauty bag — with humidity changes, wind and different water types where ever we go, this magical oil keeps our tresses perfectly in place. Even better, they now have this great little travel pack, so you don’t have to tote your full-sized bottle around and possibly forget it somewhere. With mini versions of the oil, shampoo, conditioner and styling cream, what ever your hair conundrum while travelling, you will be saved!

You can pick up this airplane-friendly gem at salons across Canada or at