Travel Skincare Advice from a Dermatologist

Tips on how to deal with the unpleasant effects travel has on your skin.

It never fails — your skin is clear and happy — you jump on a plane, land and somehow things don’t look as glowing as you remember pre-flight. No matter how relaxing your destination may be, travelling can do some wicked things to your skin. In addition to drying it out, a new routine can throw things out of whack too.

To get the scoop on how to deal with some of the unpleasant effects travel has on your skin, we consulted with the best in the business, Dr. Lisa Kellett, Dermatologist at DLK on Avenue in Toronto.

What is it about travelling that seems to exacerbate whatever skin issues you tend to have?

Less sleep, new environmental factors such as a change in temperature or humidity and most importantly not being able to bring your medicine cabinet can all be a challenge in maintaining your skin at its optimal health and appearance when travelling.

How to do you suggest dealing with dry skin on the airplane?

This is one of those cases where people with oilier skin may have an advantage over everyone else. Many people experience an increase in flakiness and a dry feel to their skin in an airplane due to the lack of moisture in the air. If your flight is longer than 4 hours I would recommend applying moisturizer once during the flight. If you are prone to acne, I suggest using a gel based moisturizer while other skin types can use a lotion or cream based moisturizer.

What’s the best way to treat a breakout when you’re travelling?

Carry a travel size exfoliating gel based cleanser and a travel-sized tube of 5% benzoyl peroxide as this is effective in preventing breakouts and clearing up existing pimples and blemishes.

How do you keep you skin glowing when you are travelling?

I follow the same rules as when I am home, I exfoliate twice daily, use a vitamin A booster at night, and a vitamin C booster in morning and a day moisturizer with reflective properties. It is best to be consistent and I maintain my existing clinical grade regimen.

Are there any treatments that you could suggest pre or post trip to help brighten your complexion?

A Silk Peel in conjunction with medical grade ingredients after travelling removes dead skin cells, infuses plumping agents and is one of the fastest and most effective travel treatments.


  • Toron_Ron says:

    How about just traveling with a Dermatologist?

  • That’s news to me about the vitamin booster. We travel a lot and I have oily skin, so it’s nice to have the so-called advantage. But, then I break out. boooo. But, now I’ll try to vitamins. =)

  • Guest says:

    For keeping fresh to myself in travel I follow some rules:


    1/ Exfoliate the night before, apply a hydrating masque and slather MORE
    moisturizer than your usual amount to give skin a boost of extra

    2/ Before you leave for the airport, cleanse and moisturize, massaging
    the moisturizer onto the complexion with your knuckles for up to two
    minutes to achieve a plump facade.

    3/ Avoid any diuretic—tea, coffee, pop—and hydrate with nature’s nectar: H2O.

    4/ Trip Styler Tip :: in an exclusive travel beauty interview with Dr. Murad, he said we should also “eat our water.”

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