Travel Tech Must: Kobo eReader

Kobo Wireless eReader

Kobo Wireless eReader

When thinking about travel essentials, one area we haven’t really touched upon is technology. From apps to gadgets, iPads and cameras, tech goods play a huge part in the travel experience itself and what you’re able to take away from it. To kick off our first tech post, we decided to focus on one tech goodie we recently purchased and love – the Kobo eReader. There are a handful of other eReaders on the market, but after much research decided the Kobo suited our needs best, mainly because we’re Canadian and this brand allows us to access books from our local library (an important factor!).

Retailing for $149, the Kobo comes in three colours — silver, black and our favourite, lilac. When you purchase it, you’ll already find 100 pre-loaded classics, like Jane Eyre, The Count of Monte Cristo and Alice in Wonderland. Plus the device itself is feather light (221 grams to be exact), has a variety of font styles and sizes, plus it has Wireless access, so you can shop for books remotely. The battery life is beyond what you could possibly need — 2 weeks or 10,000 page loads.

When toting along on a recent travel, we loved how easily it fit into our carry-on. No more debates on whether or not your latest read vs. another pair of shoes makes the cut — now you can have both. There is no backlight to the Kobo, which is good because it’s better for your eyes, but a consideration if you think you’ll be reading in places with little light (then you’re best to buy a small attachable light). We also suggest buying a cover to help protect the screen, as it scratches relatively easily. As travellers who love to read, but hate the weight of books, this eReader is a travel must!

  • rehana

    Hi Stephanie, While I prefer the tactile effect of turning a page and reading a tome until it has dog’s ears, I’m really intrigued by this little gadget. I especially love the idea of having a library of classics in one place.
    How does the library access function work? Do you have to go to the library to download a book? Do you then have access to the book indefinitely? Or, can you access the library remotely, such as from your home computer? Do you have access to the latest books at the library?

  • I love technology–but I usually bring my iphone and my fancy camera. I would love to bring an ereader but I get nervous enough about the first two–especially at the beach etc. That said, it seems perfect for the right type of trip! 🙂