Travel Tips from an Emirates Cabin Crew Member

First Class flight attendant Sharon Wang shares her travel tips for arriving at your destination looking fresh and feeling rested.

Photography courtesy Emirates.

Photography courtesy Emirates.

Jetting around the globe certainly has a glamorous ring to it, but for those who do it every day there are certain realities one must concede with. We’re talking dry skin, jet-lag and a lot of waiting. Travel & Style had the chance to speak to Sharon Wang, a member of the First Class Cabin Crew with Emirates airlines, who knows all about the beauty woos of travelling, killing time in an airport and why you should never, ever go barefoot in an airplane. Find out some of her top travel tips for arriving at your destination looking fresh and feeling rested.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

“I use Shiseido face cream that really helps because I’m super dry,” admits Wang. “If I have time I dot it all over my face.” She also swears by SK-II, which also happens to be a favourite of Cate Blanchett and Kate Bosworth.

BurtsBees-CuticleCreamGo for Multi-Purpose Beauty Products

“Anything to moisturize,” says Wang who loves to carry a cuticle cream that doubles as her lip balm. We love multi-tasking beauty products for their space-saving ability.

Travel & Style’s Pick: Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, $7.99,

Apply Your Makeup at the End of the Flight

Wang does the reverse when taking a long-haul flight, taking her makeup off prior to departure and applies it at the end of the flight or when she lands. Considering most of the time you’ll be in dim lighting and hopefully asleep, it’s an ideal time to give you skin a rest.

Curate Your Own Entertainment

“I love Flipboard. I can’t live without it,” she says, assuming she’s lucky enough to get Wi-Fi at the airport. What you’ll find on her Flipboard? The Atlantic, CNN and Martha Stewart Living to name just a few. Pre-loading magazines or books onto your device is a great way to ensure you’ve got tons of reading material at your ready without needing data or a connection.

Download a Currency Exchange App

“All the cabin crew have it,” reveals Wang, which comes in handy when you’re trying to price out your latest purchases. We like XE Currency which offers live exchange rates and also stores the latest updated rates, so you don’t have to worry about using data to do the math.


Pack a Healthy Snack

“I always bring food on board,” says Wang who admits she needs a break from airplane food every now and again. “I try to bring fresh fruit if I can, nuts or even dried fruit like figs.” Packing your own snacks save you from high-priced sodium filled snacks, helping you to feel less bloated upon arrival.

Stay Hydrated

“Drink as much water as you can,” says Wang who is a big believer in staying hydrated while in the air, particularly to help with jet lag. Don’t just think about hydrating the minute you arrive at the airport either, start the night before so you’re in good shape by the time you’re on the plane.

Never Go Barefoot on the Airplane

Always have some kind of footwear, whether it’s socks, flip flops or better yet your outdoor shoes when walking around the plane. “We see people walk around barefoot all of the time,” she says. “You shouldn’t do it. Always wear socks or flip flops. We work on the aircraft. We know.” The aircraft isn’t on ground for that long, so it often doesn’t get a thorough cleaning after every flight, meaning the restrooms and other surfaces (like your tray table) aren’t germ-free.

Sleep On-board

It’s tempting to watch hours of movies or keep reading that book, but Wang suggests getting some sleep on your flight to help combat the effects of jet-lag. Try earplugs or listening to music, both of which she says work for her. Also try an eye-mask, which can help block out distracting light coming from neighbouring passengers.

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