Travel Tips: How to Take Better Instagram Pictures

To filter or not to filter? We round up the best tips for making sure your Instagram pictures are top notch no matter where you travel.


Let’s tick off all the things that are Instagram-worthy while travelling. That perfect sunset, the pretty architecture on a building, the selfie and view from atop a mountain post-hike, or the best cocktail you’ve ever had. We could go on and on – trips beg for a social media update, especially in photo form. It’s why we’re all so addicted to posting and sharing as we hop from place to place. But to really capture that amazing travel moment and convey it in a tiny square you may need a few tips. Here are Travel & Style’s best tricks for getting that double-click on your pictures.

beach shot instagram tips

1. Think About Composition
It’s a photographers first lesson – composing the photo for the best results – and the same thing applies to your Instagram pictures even though it’s a small square. The main rule of thumb that all photographers swear by is the “rule of thirds” – dividing your photo in thirds horizontally and vertically. The main idea is that a photo needs somewhere to draw the eye – a focal point and having it in one third of the screen adds interest, making it more pleasing to the eye. It also means that you won’t leave your follower hanging because you will be setting the stage and giving them context.