Travel Tips: Making Money Sense While Travelling

How to make sure you’re spending your money wisely while travelling.

There’s no doubt about it. When it comes to travelling there are costs involved. And with the increased fares for flights, baggage, insurance and more, what used to be an easy, inexpensive trip can easily add up. Especially if you’re also looking to do trendy, of-the-moment things (hip restaurants, bars and experiences), your credit card and finances can take a beating when it comes to travel expenses.

Here are a few ways we’ve learned to save some extra money and cut costs (but not the fun!) while travelling.

  1. Choose Your Card Wisely


The CIBC Air Canada AC Conversion Visa Prepaid Card recently came onto our travel radar and we never want to travel without it now. We’re big proponents of having a card that you use for travelling and what’s amazing about this one (and what sold us on it) is that you can switch between currencies. So when you’re jetting around from country to country (and need new currencies on the fly) you can get the local currency on your card just with a few taps from your phone.  It’s the easiest way to know exactly what you’re spending, what you’ll owe and how much money you’ve gone through while travelling (not surprise exchange rates and inflated credit card bills when you get home!).

  1. Book In Advance

When it comes to booking in those cool excursions, events, concerts or experiences, we always recommend booking in advance through a site like Viator or CityPass. Not only do you save a bit of extra money by buying online before hand, but you often get to skip those long, pesky lines with a pre-purchased ticket.

  1. Only Keep Small Amounts of Cash On Hand

Having a bit of local currency in cash is always a good idea. A quick taxi ride, snacks, drinks or even tips can be covered with cash. We save bigger purchases for our cards and use small denominations for those little expenses. Another great aspect to the CIBC Air Canada AC Conversion Visa Prepaid Card is you have access to both cash and a card. With instant ATM access (you get one free withdrawal per month per country), it’s a great way to keep all your finances in check on the go.

  1. Use Handy Apps Like Splitr

If you’re travelling with friends shared costs can be tricky to track and know who owes what. Use an app on your phone like Splitr to calculate expenses, divide costs and keep a running tab on who will need to pay for what at the end of a trip.

  1. You Still Need Insurance

A lot of people skip out on insurance while travelling… and yes it can be an added expense up front, but should an emergency of some kind happen, it will be a huge benefit in terms of money saved and ease of mind. Emergencies, big and small, happen all the time while travelling and the costs can add up. Look into your best insurance options from credit cards, banks and more before heading out on a trip. One extra benefit of prepaid credit card is that it isn’t tied to your primary bank account. So should an emergency happen, say a lost or stolen card, your main funds are safe, and a quick call to CIBC means you’ll get your new Air Canada AC Conversion Visa Prepaid Card quickly.




This post is sponsored by CIBC but all opinions expressed are that of Travel & Style Magazine and its author.

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