Travel Trends: The Hottest Destinations for Fall and Winter 2018

Ready to start planning your trips for the rest of 2018? You might want to consider some of these incredible destinations that are buzzing with popularity.

Greece makes the cut as one of the top destinations to visit in 2018 according to Virtuoso. Photo courtesy of

As summer wraps up (excuse us while we wipe away a few poolside tears), it also means that it’s the perfect time to start mapping out our travel plans for the later half of 2018. It’s almost like a new travel season… fall and holiday travel are always fun to plan, and also best to plan in advance (especially for holiday travel).

Luxury travel agency Virtuoso has listed out the top destinations for fall and winter 2018 (based on their future bookings), with a few surprises in there, and some classics that we will never tire of (Italy and France, anyone?). Which will make the cut for your next travels?


Proof that great food is always a big seller when it comes to vacations.


The romance of France is perfect for the chilly fall months and holiday season. And for any fashion lover, Paris Fashion Week during the fall is the mecca of style.

South Africa

A country that pretty much has it in spades… wine regions, incredible coastline, and wildlife and cultural experiences that are life changing.


History and culture abound in this country, making it a hotspot for travellers.


One of the most picturesque regions in Europe during the fall, but also a huge hit for travellers during the holiday season thanks to a multitude of Christmas Market River Cruises.


The one Asian country to make the top 10 list has been seeing a boom in popularity over the past year or so, particularly in female solo travel.


Sun, sand, ruins, and incredible food make Greece a hotbed for tourists in parts of the world where the temperatures from in the fall and winter months.

United States

Considering the US has so much to offer in terms of a variety of experiences, food, cultures and scenery, it’s no surprise it makes the top 10 list (see our top 5 places to visit in the US).

New Zealand

It may be far to get to, but that’s part of the adventure and the fun. From luxe accommodations to some of the most breathtaking views in the world, New Zealand should be on your list.


Another European destination to make the cut is the ever pretty Switzerland… booking your next ski vacation just got easier, because there’s no shortage of spots in the Swiss mountains.

If you want to get be on the more trendy side of travel (and get to a few places that are growing in popularity before they really feel a big boom again), Virtuoso noted that there was a huge increase in interest in the Middle East (Turkey, Egypt and Morocco top the growth list). Get packing!


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