Travel with Love

PCT_love-quotesOne thing we both can’t travel without is a big comfy scarf. No matter where the destination, or what the weather (at home or away) a scarf is a must. Not only is it a stylish addition to your travelling wardrobe, it makes a great blanket for on the airplane, which is often chilly (and because using onboard blankets is just gross). One of our favourite brands to travel with is Love Quotes.

These Italian-inspired linen blend scarves, come in a multitude of colours, are lightweight and over-sized, making them perfect for all types of weather. Incase you didn’t already feel warm and cozy, each scarf comes with a cute inspirational quote, and they donate 10% of their proceeds to international children’s charities – how lovely! It appears many celebs also agree with our feelings towards Love Quotes. Stylish fans include Rachel Bilson, Lauren Conrad, Nicole Richie, and Sienna Miller. We suggest Love Quotes hand-knitted fringe scarf, which is available on