One Vacation Two Ways with Transat Holidays

Get the most out of your vacation with a customizable trip that allows you to experience more than one destination.


No matter how well you know the person you’re travelling with, there’s always some compromise that needs to happen on a vacation. We’ve all been there. Whether that means giving up some of your covetable beach time so your guy can get in some zip lining, or knocking off a few museums in record time so your friend can also check out the hottest night club in town – finding the best situation for both can be tricky – and let’s face it – vacations are so precious these days you want everyone to have the best time imaginable. Even sometimes you, yourself want to mix it up a bit (sitting beach-side for seven days might seem like a grand idea at first, but you could get stir crazy after a few days).

Enter Transat Holidays new Experience Duo Collection – a super easy way to book two vacations at one time – and please everyone on the trip. You can do both romantic and adventure, relaxed mixed with history, lounge mixed with sight-seeing. Transat Holidays lets you book in one spot, but customize your trip in two ways – think a couple of relaxing, getting-into-vacation-mode days in Cancun, then a few days of sight seeing in culture-filled Merida (where you can take in Myan ruins, colonial architecture and true Mexican life), before heading back to the Myan Riviera to take in some more much-needed beach time (what the Riviera is truly known for) and some of the nightlife. Transat Holidays is offering a number of these packages in Mexico, Dominican Republic, Cuba and other Caribbean islands (think peaceful Anguilla and party-island St. Maarten). Either way, you get the best of both worlds for your travelling companion and you. Win, win.

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