What To Pack For Extreme Heat

When the temps are sweltering, it can be tricky to know what to pack. Here’s a complete list so you’re covered, and cool.

A Loose, Flowy Dress
Opt for a super light-weight fabric and one that won’t cling to your body given sweaty or sticky situations.
Striped High-Low Wrap Dress, $58

A Breezy Top
Think oversized, flowy sleeves and anything that will allow air to flow through and circulate. If you also choose a “crinkle” fabric you’ll be worry-free when it comes to wrinkles.
Crinkled Blouse, $19.99

Shirts With Wide Collars and Big Sleeves
A wide, bigger opening around the sleeve and shoulder area is oh, so important when it comes to sweating in the armpits. Pick a shirt with room for your armpits to breathe.
Texture & Thread Butterfly Top in Isley Stripe, $70.63

A Scarf
You might think a scarf is counter-intuitive here, but it can provide much need shade from a very hot sun. Drape a light-weight scarf over your shoulders, across your chest or over your head to make sure you’re protected from the rays.

Klarisza Scarf, $79.00

A Linen Jumpsuit
This is two-fold. Linen is super breathable as a fabric, and a jumpsuit is easy to pack, can go from day to night, and covers your legs when needed (throw a scarf over your head and shoulders if you need to cover that as well).
Marseille belted linen jumpsuit, $130

Wide-Legged Pants
When it’s extreme heat, you’ll actually want to make sure your body is covered in cool clothing. This will help keep your skin protect from beating down sun, and can help keep your body cooler. Make sure you opt for loose, breezy pants, and nothing too tight around the waist.
Zimmermann Jaya printed linen pants, $375

A Wide Brimmed Hat
Keeping the hot sun off your head and face will be one of your best friends in extreme heat.
Maison Michel Kiki tasseled straw boater, $950